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Introducing IlmConnect

Where education meets innovation

IlmConnect streamlines school management and empowers parents, students, and teachers to get the most out of the educational experience. Take your school to the next level with IlmConnect.

Streamlined School Management

IlmConnect simplifies school management by connecting administrators, teachers, parents, and students in one powerful platform. With features like online registration and payment, automated report cards, and customizable data collection, IlmConnect streamlines administrative tasks and saves time for everyone involved.


Easily accept payments online and communicate with parents with our simple tools.


Easily add, filter and understand your school’s data from anywhere and anytime.

Engage Students and Parents

IlmConnect engages parents and students in the learning process by providing easy-to-use portals, progress reports, and mobile-optimized interfaces. By connecting parents with their child’s progress and providing teachers with powerful tools to create and manage assignments, IlmConnect empowers everyone involved to get the most out of the educational experience.


Communicate directly with parents and students to achieve better learning outcomes.


IlmConnect’s powerful set of tools allows teachers to easily track and understand student progress.


IlmConnect’s growing set of features are tailored to help school teachers and administrators better manage there school, all in one convenient website.

Automated Registration

Easily enroll students online, saving time for both administrators and parents. Get rid of paper forms!

Parent & Student Accounts

Keep everyone informed and connected with access to course pages, announcements, teacher communication, and homework submission.

Grading & Report Cards

Streamline grading, track student progress, and provide parents with a clear view of their child’s performance.

Online payments

Conveniently track and allow payment of tuition fees and other school expenses online, lowering late and missed payments.

Customizable & Secure

Tailor the platform to your school’s specific needs, including data collection, storage, and security. All your data is protected using state of the art security protocols.

Free Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest features and functionality, ensuring your school is always using the cutting edge of educational software.


See what our users have to say about IlmConnect

It’s made managing my class a lot easier. Students are much more motivated when they know their parents are following their progress.


Rasha Osman

Calgary Islamic School

One of the biggest benefits of using IlmConnect to track our student’s Quran progress is using the Quran Tracker to communicate directly with parents. Parents get emailed with progress reports every day, with no extra work from our teachers

Hassan Khalil

Maqraat Hafs

What are you waiting for?

IlmConnect is the all-in-one school management system that saves time, increases productivity, and takes your school to the next level. Don’t wait any longer, experience the future of education today with IlmConnect.


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